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Sales Techniques Your Team Needs

Building a high-performing sales team is a great way to ensure consistent leads come into your business and are converted to paying customers. The thing about sales techniques is that different team members will have different specialties and customers will respond better to some than others. Make these techniques a staple of your team and see sales soar.


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And while you’re planning on adding top talent to your team. Here are a few sales techniques your team will thrive from:


Speak respectfully about competitors

Although it may seem counterintuitive, badmouthing your competition doesn’t portray you in a very good light. In fact, it can have a detrimental impact on your relationship with that customer. Thanks to a phenomenon called Spontaneous Trait Transference saying negative things about your competition often results in customers believing they’re also true about you. This means that if your team is relying on making sales by being disparaging about others, they are probably not being very effective.

Instead, encourage the sales team to highlight the brilliant things that set your company apart from others and to speak respectfully about the competition while skillfully guiding the conversation back to you. You’ll be approaching the situation from a position of power which means customers will respond positively and be more likely to buy.


Be friendly and approachable

It’s pretty universally acknowledged that people respond to positivity so encourage your team to put an upbeat spin on their initial small talk. As opposed to complaining about the weather they should try to find common ground that has a much more positive tone. Not only will customers be more likely to buy, but it also opens the door for an ongoing relationship. By exhibiting warm, friendly behaviour from the beginning they’ll be able to quickly develop trust, which often results in the customer opening up about their needs and challenges. After all, people do business with people they like and a customer who’s connected on an emotional level is more likely to be loyal than one who isn’t. This approach can also have the added bonus of encouraging more positivity within the team, helping create resilience.


Act as a consultant

This approach has gained popularity in recent years as customers look to those they’re buying from to provide guidance as well as an end product. By being aware of the wider market your sales team can act in a consultative way for customers, another excellent way to build trust. Putting your customers’ needs at the center of their approach means your team will be much more likely to understand the challenges customers are facing, which helps create an emotional connection. Customers who see your team (and therefore your company) as subject matter experts who build emotional connections and ask the right questions to provide the best solution are much more likely to stay loyal. It’s an incredibly customer-centric approach that can create long-lasting bonds.


Become an expert

Customers will trust your sales team’s recommendations if they see them as experts. It’s a thin line to tread between being confident in their knowledge and coming across as arrogant so encourage team members to listen to customer needs prior to making a recommendation. This approach inspires confidence in customers as they’re much more likely to take advice from someone they see as a thought-leader and expert in the field. By staying up to date with developments and trends in the sector your team can position themselves as experts.


It’s very likely that your team is already using elements of these techniques so by refreshing their knowledge you’ll likely unlock their full potential. Carry out training sessions to deep dive into each one to help them find the best fit for them.

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Jeffrey Traill
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