4 Books to Sharpen Your Leadership Skills This Week

  By Stu Goldblatt  |    Tue Apr 14, 2020

Category: Book Review

Reading is a great way to be productive and pass time. As social distancing orders continue to remain across the United States and the world, there's no better time to freshen up your business leadership skills with a few highly recommended books. We've asked President of Sales Recruiters, Inc., Henry...

3 Books to Dive Into During COVID-19

  By Jeffrey Traill  |    Mon Apr 06, 2020

Category: Book Review

With the changes to working remotely for many around the world today, people are finding themselves with extra time on their hands. For us, we're spending it improving on our business development ideas with some reading. Need some ideas of what to pick up next or download...

5 Books to Read During COVID-19

  By Stu Goldblatt  |    Mon Mar 23, 2020

Category: Book Review

The Age of Unreason Charles Handy Handy maintains that discontinuous change requires discontinuous, upside-down thinking, and discusses the need for new kinds of organizations, new approaches to work, new types of schools, and new ideas about the nature of our society. The Motivation to Work

4 Books to Sharpen Your Leadership Skills This Quarter

  By Jeffrey Traill  |    Thu Mar 05, 2020

Category: Book Review

Dynamic Administration Mary Parker Follet Along with Lillian Gilbreth, Mary Parker Follett was one of two great women management gurus in the early days of classical management theory. She admonished over-managing employees, a process now known as micromanaging, as "bossism" and she is regarded by some writers...

Six Books to Add to Your Audible List

  By Stu Goldblatt  |    Thu Feb 27, 2020

Category: Book Review

Strategy and Structure Alfred Chandler Chandler shows how the seventy largest corporations in America have dealth with a single economic problem: the effective administration of an expanding business. The author summarizes the history of the expansion of the nation's largest industries during the previous hundred years and...

5 Books to Jumpstart your Business Goals

  By Stu Goldblatt  |    Fri Feb 07, 2020

Category: Book Review

A Business and Its Beliefs: The Ideas That Helped Build IBM Thomas Watson Jr. This newly published edition reintroduces Watson's ideas to a new generation of decision-makers in search of IBM-style standards for their own organizations. A to-the-point examination of the values and beliefs that built and...

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