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12 Fastest Growing Jobs: Opportunity on the Rise

In today's rapidly evolving job market, certain roles are emerging as critical to the success and growth of industries across the U.S. If you're exploring career opportunities or considering a shift to a high-demand field, these fast-growing jobs might be worth a look. Join the conversation using #JobsOnTheRise and discover opportunities in your city.

1. Chief Growth Officer

Role Overview: Chief Growth Officers (CGOs) are responsible for developing and executing strategies to drive revenue, expand market presence, and ensure sustainable growth.

  • Key Skills: Growth Strategies, Strategic Partnerships, Business Development
  • Industries: Technology, IT Services, Advertising Services
  • Hotspots: Washington, D.C.-Baltimore, New York City, Dallas
  • Flexibility: 33.6% remote, 25.0% hybrid

Insight: The demand for CGOs is rising as businesses prioritize strategic growth. With roles transitioning from positions like Vice President of Sales and Chief Operating Officer, CGOs bring a wealth of experience to lead companies forward.

2. Government Program Analyst

Role Overview: Government Program Analysts evaluate the effectiveness of public sector programs through data analysis, ensuring compliance with regulations and budget monitoring.

  • Key Skills: Policy Analysis, Data Analysis, Community Outreach
  • Industries: Administration of Justice, Transportation Equipment Manufacturing, Insurance
  • Hotspots: Sacramento, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C.-Baltimore
  • Flexibility: 12.5% remote, 45.5% hybrid

Insight: This role is essential for improving public services and policies, attracting professionals with backgrounds in service analysis and office administration.

3. Environment Health Safety Manager

Role Overview: These managers ensure companies maintain a safe and sustainable workplace, managing risks and compliance with health, safety, and environmental regulations.

  • Key Skills: Environmental Compliance, Hazardous Waste Management, Environmental Management Systems
  • Industries: Oil and Gas, Wholesale Building Materials, Electronics Manufacturing
  • Hotspots: Atlanta, Houston, Boston
  • Flexibility: 14.3% remote, 22.5% hybrid

Insight: As regulatory demands increase, the need for Environment Health Safety Managers grows, requiring expertise in operations and safety management.

4. Director of Revenue Operations

Role Overview: Directors oversee revenue generation practices, working with sales and marketing to optimize business growth.

  • Key Skills: Go-to-Market Strategy, Sales Operations, Revenue Forecasting
  • Industries: Technology, IT Services, Advertising Services
  • Hotspots: San Francisco, New York City, Boston
  • Flexibility: Highly adaptable roles with hybrid options.

Insight: These professionals transition from sales and marketing roles, playing a crucial part in a company's financial health and strategic direction.

5. Sustainability Analyst

Role Overview: Sustainability Analysts assess environmental, social, and governance (ESG) efforts, identifying opportunities for efficiency and positive impact.

  • Key Skills: Sustainability Reporting, Corporate Social Responsibility, Data Analysis
  • Industries: Business Consulting, Real Estate, Food and Beverage Manufacturing
  • Hotspots: New York City, Chicago, Atlanta
  • Flexibility: 19.6% remote, 36.8% hybrid

Insight: With a growing focus on sustainability, these analysts help companies navigate their ESG responsibilities, coming from roles like project management and environmental specialties.

6. Advanced Practice Provider

Role Overview: Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants provide primary care services, including assessments, diagnoses, and treatments.

  • Key Skills: EMR, ACLS, BLS
  • Industries: Medical Practices, Higher Education, Insurance
  • Hotspots: Kansas City, Austin, Chicago
  • Flexibility: 0.8% remote, 3.2% hybrid

Insight: The healthcare sector's expansion fuels the need for skilled providers, many of whom advance from registered nursing roles.

7. Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion

Role Overview: VPs of Diversity and Inclusion develop and implement policies to foster inclusive workplaces.

  • Key Skills: Diversity Training, Community Outreach, Program Development
  • Industries: Non-profits, Higher Education, Civic Organizations
  • Hotspots: New York City, Washington, D.C.-Baltimore, Chicago
  • Flexibility: Increasingly flexible with hybrid options.

Insight: This role is pivotal as companies seek to enhance their diversity and inclusion practices, drawing from human resources and academic backgrounds.

8. Artificial Intelligence Consultant

Role Overview: AI Consultants advise on the implementation of AI technologies in business operations.

  • Key Skills: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP
  • Industries: Technology, IT Services, Business Consulting
  • Hotspots: San Francisco, Boston, New York City
  • Flexibility: 12.5% remote, 39.1% hybrid

Insight: As AI becomes integral to business strategy, consultants with backgrounds in data science and software engineering are in high demand.

9. Recruiter

Role Overview: Recruiters source, evaluate, and hire qualified candidates, with a focus on sales, legal, and healthcare roles.

  • Key Skills: Screening Resumes, Interviewing, Executive Search
  • Industries: IT Services, Staffing, Business Consulting
  • Hotspots: Dallas, New York City, Los Angeles
  • Flexibility: 31.3% remote, 24.5% hybrid

Insight: Effective recruiters are essential in a competitive job market, transitioning from administrative and sales roles to match talent with opportunities.

10. Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Role Overview: AI Engineers develop and train AI models and algorithms, creating intelligent systems for various applications.

  • Key Skills: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP
  • Industries: Technology, IT Services, Transportation Manufacturing
  • Hotspots: San Francisco, New York City, Washington, D.C.-Baltimore
  • Flexibility: 64.3% remote, 11.9% hybrid

Insight: The rise of AI technology drives demand for engineers skilled in advanced machine learning techniques, often transitioning from software engineering.

11. External Communications Manager

Role Overview: Public Relations Managers oversee strategic messaging to external audiences, including media and customers.

  • Key Skills: Crisis Communications, Strategic Communications, Media Relations
  • Industries: IT Services, Non-profits, Business Consulting
  • Hotspots: New York City, Chicago, Atlanta
  • Flexibility: 8.4% remote, 65.2% hybrid

Insight: Effective communication is key to a company’s public image, making this role critical for managing external relations and media strategies.

12. Product Security Engineer

Role Overview: Product Security Engineers ensure the security of products by analyzing vulnerabilities and implementing protective measures.

  • Key Skills: Threat Modeling, Application Security, Vulnerability Assessment
  • Industries: Technology, Medical Equipment Manufacturing, IT Services
  • Hotspots: San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles
  • Flexibility: High flexibility with remote and hybrid options.

Insight: As cybersecurity threats grow, these engineers are vital in safeguarding products and systems, coming from software and cybersecurity backgrounds.

These roles represent just a fraction of the growing opportunities in today's job market. Embrace these insights to guide your career path and join the thriving industries of the future.

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