Is Your Lack Of Sales Talent Costing You Money? 

by Melanie Korn | Category: Article

Posted on March 31, 2020 at 01:26:42 PM

Is Your Lack Of Sales Talent Costing You Money?    Sales Recruiters will find you top talent that is custom fit for your business, so you'll be on your way to increased sales and profits! Our Experience SRI puts more than 30 years of sales recruiting experience to work on meeting your individual requirements. Whether you are seeking an entry level candidate or a CEO, we have the know how to get it done. Our Process We personally and confidentiality qualify and evaluate every candidate individually to ensure a great fit for your business, so you'll be on your way to increased sales and profits! Our Guarantee SRI offers an extended replacement guarantee, ensuring your complete satisfaction. Commitment is not something you should have to take for granted in a recruiter. Our NAF certification means you won’t. Your lack of sales talent does not have to cost you money.   If you have any anticipated hiring needs, engage with a recruiter today to ensure that you have a competitive edge by being farther along in the recruitment process when the time to onboard new employees comes.   Send us an email or pick up the phone today to speak to a recruiter and discuss the needs of your business and how you can...

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5 Books to Read During COVID-19

by Melanie Korn | Category: Book Review

Posted on March 23, 2020 at 02:13:28 PM

The Age of UnreasonCharles HandyHandy maintains that discontinuous change requires discontinuous, upside-down thinking, and discusses the need for new kinds of organizations, new approaches to work, new types of schools, and new ideas about the nature of our society.The Motivation to WorkFrederick HerzbergFrederick Herzberg and his staff based their motivation―hygiene theory on a variety of human needs and applied it to a strategy of job enrichment that has widely influenced motivation and job design strategies. 'Motivation to Work' is a landmark volume that is of enduring interest to sociologists, psychologists, labor studies specialists, and organization analysts.Primer on Decision Making: How Decisions HappenJames MarchThis valuable textbook by one of the seminal figures in the history of organizational decision making will be required reading for a new generation of scholars, managers, and other decision makers.The Change MastersRosabeth Moss KanterThe Change Masters looks behind the scenes at some of the most important companies in America, including Hewlett-Packard, General Electric, Polaroid, General Motors, Wang Laboratories and Honeywell, to describe their organizational structures, their corporate cultures, and their specific strategies.Marketing Management: Analysis, Planning, Implemention and ControlPhilip Kotler and Kevin KellerThe world of marketing is changing everyday–and in order for students to have a competitive edge,...

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Hires Than Keep

by Melanie Korn | Category: Article

Posted on March 16, 2020 at 07:29:24 PM

Searching for and finding the greatest talent for your company is an investment.  Developing a job outline with responsibilities and requirements for each new employee is essential to finding the right hire.  Looking for a few ways to ensure your next hire keeps? Here are a few pro tips:  Hire with a recommendation: We pride ourselves in delivering results and hires that companies are satisfied with and will recommend our services to others, likewise, it is ideal to contact the candidate's references and receive a recommendation.  What type of employee were they at a previous job? How did they respond to confrontation? Were they honest and would they be something that reference would recommend or be proud to re-hire?   Hold several interviews: There are common practices for hiring, but there are no set “rules” for how to hire.  If needed after the first interview or even a second, call and ask any additional questions you may have before hiring.   Clarify expectations: It’s easy to hire and bring on board a new employee with all the expectations clear in your mind, but maybe not in theirs.  Be clear with what’s expected and how those expectations will be measured.  Defining the role, expectations and...

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