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5 Questions to Ask When Hiring Your Next Sales Team Member

Hiring sales talent can be tricky, when working to make sure they’re a right fit for your company but also that they’re going to deliver the results you desire. Your sales team should be able to think on their feet, build long-lasting relationships, and most importantly sell - all things that can be hard to screen for in an interview.


Interviewing to discover if the candidate is fit for your company is a tricky process. With 100+ combined years of recruiting practice, we know how to ask the right questions in the right sequence. Finding top talent that will be a custom fit for your business is our expertise.


Sales Recruiters will find you top talent that is custom fit for your business, so you'll be on your way to increased sales and profits!

Here are five questions of many great in-depth questions we’d suggest asking next time you’re hiring.


  1. Describe the last sales process you were involved in that you’re proud of

A great sale doesn’t just happen overnight and those that are hardest won are usually the ones sales people are most proud of. A great answer would include an unreceptive cold client with your potential hire going the extra mile to win them over and get the deal over the line.


  1. How do you make sure you stay ahead of your competitors?

It’s not enough to just be great at selling anymore, you have to really know your market. With this question you’re asking them about the research they do into their target market, something that is absolutely vital to ensuring your team understands the industry they’re selling in. Podcasts, blogs, and social media are all great ways for your sales team to immerse themselves in the world of their clients so they can understand pain points and come up with a solution.


  1. How do you ensure you build strong relationships with clients?

Clients are increasingly looking for a consultative approach from their sales partners and therefore building strong, ongoing relationships is key to success. This question is great for figuring out if their individual approach fits with your company culture and whether it could potentially bring some welcome innovation, by giving you much-needed insight into the techniques they use.


  1. What do you do to decompress after a stressful day at work?

It’s no secret that sales divisions can suffer from high staff turnover so making sure your new hire isn’t going to burn out within the first 12 months is key. Although this may sound out of place at an interview, knowing that your team has positive outlets for stress outside of work can indicate longevity, which in turn keeps turnover low.


  1. Which areas of our company would you suggest improvements to?

Although this may sound like a trick question, their answer will indicate two things - the level of understanding they have about your company and their confidence when put on the spot. Clients can be unpredictable and you need to make sure your new hire isn’t going to squirm when asked a difficult question.


Use these questions at your next interview to make a hire that positively contributes to the future of your business. If you’d like to discuss your hiring needs or more relevant interview questions you can be asking to better find top talent, please get in touch. 

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