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8 Questions for Fresh Insight from Your Next Round of Interviews

Tired of the questions (and answers) on your list of interview questions?  Maybe it’s time to replace a few of your “tired and true” interview questions with something different.  Asking different questions and hearing different answers might give you fresh insight into the candidates during your next round of interviews.  Here are 8 to get you started.  

1. A co-worker of yours frequently challenges you to informal competitors for things like, who can book the most appoints in an hour. How would you feel about this?

2. Are there any companies that you consider innovative? (If there are any) why do you consider them innovative?

3. Are you comfortable in companies that publish sales numbers internally for employees to see?

4. Describe a situation in which you wish you had acted differently with someone at work?

5. Do you think it is possible in a company to have the CEO, middle management and the employees sharing in a common purpose? If yes, What would that common purpose typically be?

6. How do you ensure that something you write is going to be understood by those who read it?


7. In your industry, what are signs of good quality in a product or service? How do you as a manager develop a commitment to quality among employees?

8. Let’s say you have just been named the head of a unit and you are meeting for the first time with those who will be reporting to you. One of them asks you to give some ideas about what you are going to be emphasizing to everyone in the unit. What do you tell him?

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