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Henry Glickel at Stockton University Sharing Interview & Hiring Insights

This semester, Stockton University welcomed back Henry Glickel '85, who graciously shared his expertise on interviewing success with students in two School of Business classes. Drawing from his wealth of experience, Henry provided invaluable guidance on various facets of the interview process, including resume writing, content development for showcasing past successes, and strategies for making a lasting impression in today's candidate-focused market. With a keen focus on preparation and effective communication, Henry emphasized the importance of presenting oneself authentically while highlighting relevant skills and achievements to prospective employers.

Students benefitted greatly from Henry's insights, gaining practical advice and actionable tips to enhance their interview readiness. By delving into topics such as crafting compelling resumes and mastering the art of self-presentation, Henry empowered students to approach interviews with confidence and clarity. His emphasis on the candidate's perspective in today's competitive landscape underscored the need for strategic preparation and thoughtful engagement throughout the interview process. Henry's visit not only inspired students to refine their interviewing skills but also reinforced Stockton University's commitment to providing real-world learning opportunities that prepare students for success in their future careers.

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