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How Can You Find a Recruiter Near You?

We all want top talent. There’s no denying that fact.  Candidates with strong skill sets and experience drive a business forward.

With less than 50% of the American workforce satisfied in their jobs, the opportunity for hiring candidates is here.  And it comes as no easy feat. Winning the war for top talent takes time, strategy and consistency.

We’ve summed it all up with our combined 100 years of sales recruitment experience, here’s why hiring managers miss top candidates:

Why do hiring managers miss top candidates? 

If you’re focusing too much on degrees and certifications, you may be overlooking people with useful, varied experience.

Ask yourself – What is talent? What does talent consist of?

Talent looks and displays in a large variety of ways, sometimes beyond what ordinarily we would imagine or look for and often, candidates are even overqualified for a position.  When hiring, it’s essential to expand the mindset of what talent is and where it comes from.

Example: Let’s say you’re hiring a sales project manager – Ideally you look on resumes for candidates with previous management skills and sales experience… you want to see a list of completed projects in their career and know that they have completed this job task before and are able to do it again.

But project management can be much broader and a gained experience from vast circumstances. A military vet, for one, may not seem to have project management experience as you would typically view it within the office setting, but in reality, has more project management experience than most people in the world. Consider how an experience like this can translate into an office work environment.

For your next hire, focus less on the degree and certifications and more on the skills gained from the variety of life experiences people bring- and you may land your greatest hire yet.

Find a recruiter near me, please!

Do you believe it? Do you believe that there are executive sales recruiters near you who continually place top candidates that hiring manager miss?

So why use a recruitment agency? Especially for small organizations, time is already stretched so then and the need to fulfill job orders is high. If you don’t have a dedicated recruiter ultimately you are impacting your bottom line. A recruiter works to do just one thing – get the right candidate.  Simple as that.

Often times, HR staff or small business owners are working on current employee needs and business growth leaving a surplus of job searches a low priority.

Executive recruiters get paid to fill job orders, not interview slots.

With an executive recruiter, you’ll likely get fewer candidates, but each candidate will be qualified.  And qualified in ways you might not have originally dreamed of.

As a top sales recruiting firm, Sales Recruiters, Inc. we represent the strongest sales talent in a number of verticals. Our years of experience has given us the ability to stay ahead of our competition through knowledge and adaptability. Our sales recruitment solutions are industry leading and proven.

Ready to work with a top sales recruiter? Let’s make magic happen. Our recruiters are standing by. – Just send a quick message and we will be in touch.

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