Rookie Managing Mistakes: Skip Out On the Worst of Them

by Melanie Korn

Posted on March 22, 2019 at 10:41:15 AM

So you were hired as a sales manager. Then the team grew to help with the business developments and somewhere along the way you’ve gone from managing a few employees to the double digits and growing pains are a real thing you’re facing. 

Here’s three common rookie mistakes you can easily avoid as a manager:

  1. You Can’t Manage Them All

Sure you wish you can, and in the beginning you could, it’s easy to check on employee number 4 and 5 on your team, but come employee 8, 9, 10, 25 and more - you can’t manage them all. As a manager it’s easy to think that you’ve mastered the task by beings available to all, trying to solve everyone’s problems and keeping everyone on task. But there’s more to a top sales manager than having a hand in everything happening. The best managers build a network of employees who inter-depend on one another, rather than their boss.

 If you’re feeling bogged down, struggling to grow and advance, check how your day plays out as the sales manager – are you completing manager responsibilities or putting out fire from employees all day?

If managing ineffectively, start by learning how to effectively run a project meetings, dole out task, give positive and negative feedback, and when to be taught or when to offer grace.


  1. The right HR person at the right time is absolutely priceless.

Whether an entrepreneur or fortune 500 business, hiring happens. Having the right tools to access top sales candidates when you need them will save you.

As a sales manager, along with the laundry list of task to complete on a daily basis, hiring doesn’t have to be one. Tap into a recruitment agency to recruit and present top candidates for the position you need filled.

Sales Recruiters, Inc., founded in 1985, represents the strongest sales talent in a number of verticals.

Our knowledge, experience, dedication, and abilities help us save money and time for our clients.  We are proud of the fact that corporations and candidates alike have stayed with us to fulfill their most demanding needs. We are among the top agencies offering best sales management recruitment.

We take pride in what we do and it shows. All of our associates continue to educate themselves throughout the year. That is precisely why we have been able to perfect our methodology and continue to do so with every fluctuation in the job marketplace.

You wouldn’t trust your most valuable asset to just anyone. You want credentials, some indication of quality, integrity and even distinction. We understand that people are the most valuable asset any company can have. Whether you are a client seeking top talent or a candidate seeking your next great opportunity, you need a recruitment firm that is working hard to help you meet your goals.

Our recruiters hold the CPC, CTS and CERS designations through the National Association of Personnel Services.

CPC     Certified Personnel Consultant
CTS     Certified Temporary-Staffing Specialist
CERS   Certified Employee Retention Specialist

These certifications represent evidence of adherence to the highest ethical principles and standards of recruiting.

  1. Building a Culture Requires You To Be Present

To reinforce the values and the behavior you want as the sales manger, you have to be present to display it yourself. Sounds simple, but often it’s easy to spend day after day out of the office and as the days add into weeks – employees hired lose sight of the values and behavior you expect.

Likewise with communication, sometimes the way things are presented need to be reinforced daily with encouragement and personal conversations. It’s hard to host those moments when out of the office.

We want to hear from you! What's your greatest struggle as a sales manager and how can we help?!

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