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SRI Named NAPS Accredited Firm for 2024

Sales Recruiters has been renewed as a NAPS Accredited Firm. Our commitment to the industry shows the highest level of professional and business standards in the recruiting industry.

What is NAPS NAF accreditation?

The NAPS Accredited Firm designation (NAF), also known as the Robert P. Style Accredited Firm Program after the long-tenured NAPS legal counsel and employment law expert, sends a signal to candidates, clients and the general public that the firm is one committed to the highest professional and business standards set by the industry, including the following:

  • Commitment to Certification
  • Commitment to Education
  • Commitment to the Profession
  • Commitment to the Free Enterprise System
  • Commitment to Community Service

In a day when the consuming public is becoming increasingly conscious of the importance of professional, ethical and business standards, NAPS is proud to be a pioneer in setting the bar high for the search and staffing industry.

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