Virtual Interview Questions You Should Be Asking to Every Candidate

  By Henry Glickel

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Making a hire with a virtual interview via Zoom? Now more than ever it's becoming challenging for businesses to interview and hire the right candidate. Add on remote training and working for many amid COVID-19 and businesses feel even more nervous when talking about hiring. 

We've outlined 12 questions we're asking candidates as we do a pre-interview screening. 

  1. Is it ever justifiable to lie to a customer about why the delivery was late?
  2. Is it ever acceptable to be somewhat pushy or step on people’s toes in order to get something urgent accomplished? Have you ever had to do this? If yes, please describe the situation.
  3. Is it important to acknowledge the efforts that others contribute? If yes, please give an example of a time when you did this?
  4. Is the bottom line the absolute yardstick of performance?
  5. It is often said that a manager’s role is to get things done through others. Do you agree? If yes, what behaviors and/or policies do you believe are necessary to carry out that vision of the manager’s role? If no, why do you say that?
  6. Let’s say you have just been named the head of a unit and you are meeting for the first time with those who will be reporting to you. One of them asks you to give some ideas about what you are going to be emphasizing to everyone in the unit. What do you tell him?
  7. Managers and companies typically have performance expectations of employees. In your opinion, what do employees have the right to expect of their immediate managers?
  8. Now that you know more about the company/position, what traits or characteristics do you possess that would help make you successful here?
  9. Of all the work you have done, where have you been most successful?
  10. Often people say they support a standard or idea even if they don’t really live up to the level they claim. If you could strengthen one or to of these standards, which would they be?
  11. In your industry, what are signs of good quality in a product or service? How do you as a manager develop a commitment to quality among employees?
  12. In determining a customer’s need for new or additional products, would you want to have a set of specific questions to ask or would you try to get the customer to talk in general about their needs? Why is that

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