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Celina has been helping high-growth companies exceed ambitious revenue goals for over a decade. She has had the privilege to help others through teaching/coaching/mentoring to become great performers or take strong performers and help them grow to a stronger level. She worked to develop a disciplined, professional sales team that is a little sassy. Recruiting, attracting sales talent and the hiring process has been a large part of my responsibilities in all of my roles. Her ability to execute the talent acquisition and hiring process has been the foundation of my success as a sales leader.

Email: celina@salesrecruiters.com


5 Virtual Interview Questions We Were Asking Before COVID-19

  By Celina Fouts  |    Sat Oct 31, 2020

Category: Article

Virtual interviews amid COVID-19 have taken many of us by surprise... they're not so easy after all! From technology troubleshooting to asking questions that really help your understand your candidate's skill set and behavioral norms to best fit an open role, virtual interviewing is something...

4 Books to Drop in Your Amazon Cart

  By Celina Fouts, Henry Glickel  |    Wed Sep 02, 2020

Category: Book Review

Reading is a great way to be productive and pass time. As social distancing orders continue to remain across the United States and the world, there's no better time to freshen up your business leadership skills with a few highly recommended books. We've asked President of Sales Recruiters, Inc., Henry...

3 Books to Dive Into the Last Weeks of Summer

  By Celina Fouts  |    Wed Aug 12, 2020

Category: Book Review

As summer begins to come to a close, we're working to sneak in reading just a few more books for both business development and personal development. Here are just three titles we've added to our Amazon cart this week. Maverick! Ricardo Semler Semler turned his family's...

5 Books to Order On Amazon Today

  By Celina Fouts  |    Thu May 28, 2020

Category: Book Review

Maverick! Ricardo Semler Semler turned his family's business, the aging Semco corporation of Brazil, into the most revolutionary business success story of our time. By eliminating unneeded layers of management and allowing employees unprecedented democracy in the workplace, he created a company that challenged the old ways...

5 Ways to Commit to Being a Better Sales Leader

  By Celina Fouts  |    Sun Feb 23, 2020

Category: Article

Being a top sales leader is far more than closing a deal or reaching the quota for each quarter – it takes work, skill and emotion to accomplish the goals and to become one of the top. From daily habits to work ethics and more, the way...

5 Books with Our Top Reviews

  By Celina Fouts  |    Sun Jan 12, 2020

Category: Book Review

It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be Paul Arden The world's top advertising guru, Paul Arden, offers up his wisdom on issues as diverse as problem-solving, responding to a brief, communicating, playing your cards right, making mistakes and creativity, all notions...

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