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Jeff joined SRI in 1999 and has become a nationally respected Certified Personnel Counselor (CPC) whose experience has made him a valuable asset in helping his clients build successful sales teams. Whether his client is a start-up company or a fortune 500 company, Jeff is able to identify and present the talent the client needs to grow their business. Some of his most recent placements include President and CEO, EVP of Operations, VP of Sales, Director of Sales, National Account Manager, Regional Sales Manager, Territory Manager and New Business Development Manager. Jeff received major awards in our national network, including Rookie of the Year honors and the Zenith award (most ever billed in first year). Jeff is the recipient of the “Award of Excellence” presented by the First Interview Network. As a leader in the industry, Jeff has been invited to speak on the “Big Biller Panel” at the Northern New England Association of Personal Services conference for 2016 and 2017.


5 Powerful Interview Questions to Kickstart Your Next Interview

  By Jeffrey Traill  |    Sat Jun 06, 2020

Category: Article

Ready to take things to the next level during your interview process? It all comes down to asking questions that help you discover not only the skill a candidate may have but their ability to lead. If you're hiring a manager...

5 Book to Check Out This Week

  By Jeffrey Traill  |    Thu Apr 30, 2020

Category: Book Review

It’s Easier To Succeed Then To Fail S. Truett Cathy Hardcover book by S. Truett Cathy, the Founder and Chairman of Chick-fil-A Restaurants. This is a great read and fascinating story that anyone interested in business and entrepreneurship will enjoy. The Sales Survival Handbook: Cold...

3 Books to Dive Into During COVID-19

  By Jeffrey Traill  |    Mon Apr 06, 2020

Category: Book Review

With the changes to working remotely for many around the world today, people are finding themselves with extra time on their hands. For us, we're spending it improving on our business development ideas with some reading. Need some ideas of what to pick up next or download...

Hires That Keep

  By Jeffrey Traill  |    Mon Mar 16, 2020

Category: Article

Searching for and finding the greatest talent for your company is an investment. Developing a job outline with responsibilities and requirements for each new employee is essential to finding the right hire. Looking for a few ways to ensure your next hire keeps? Here are a few...

4 Books to Sharpen Your Leadership Skills This Quarter

  By Jeffrey Traill  |    Thu Mar 05, 2020

Category: Book Review

Dynamic Administration Mary Parker Follet Along with Lillian Gilbreth, Mary Parker Follett was one of two great women management gurus in the early days of classical management theory. She admonished over-managing employees, a process now known as micromanaging, as "bossism" and she is regarded by some writers...

20 Things 20-Year-Olds Searching for a Job Need to Know

  By Jeffrey Traill  |    Tue Mar 03, 2020

Category: Article

So you're post-college and you're searching for a role that excites you and pays well? You're not alone. Job seeking in your twenties can be both daunting and thrilling. As college has come and gone, you've grown up so much... but there are still many more life lessons coming...

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