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Sheri L. Pintarelli joined the Sales Recruiters team in 2013 bringing over 20 years of diverse sales experience and has quickly become our Talent Acquisition Guru. Her expertise in the sales industry, along with her dedication and passion for equipping candidates with the needed skills for successful hires, lead her to Sales Recruiters, Inc., where she has become our ‘Headhunter Maven.’  Sheri manages nationwide searches for top producing sales talent and is successful in screening and placing ‘rock star’ candidates with SRI’s clients. During her career, Sheri has built successful long-term relationships with her clients by establishing trust and providing excellent customer service. In addition, Sheri earned the CPC (Certified Placement Consultant) designation from The National Association of Personnel Services in 2014. This designation is highly respected within the recruitment industry and demonstrates her passion for helping her current clients recruit and hire top sales talent. Sheri’s clientele represents many areas including industrial, software, hardware, medical, services, high-tech, pharmaceuticals, business products, and more. She places candidates from diversified backgrounds and experiences; from entry-level to sales representatives, account executives to product managers, and sales engineers to vice presidents across the US. 

Email: sheri@salesrecruiters.com


3 Key Tips for Getting Hired Over the Age of Forty

  By Sheri Pintarelli  |    Mon Jul 06, 2020

Category: Article

Looking for a job is hard right out of college, young and fresh, but looking for a job over the age of 40 can be an even harder challenge in many situations. It can certainly be done, and great men and women over the age of 40 are continually hired! Embrace...

7 Books to Get Snowed In With This Winter

  By Sheri Pintarelli  |    Sun Feb 02, 2020

Category: Book Review

Buck Up, Suck Up, And Come Back When You Foul Up James Carville and Paul Begala The political strategists who directed the Clinton campaign's War Room reveal the lessons and secrets from their hard-fought battles -- and how to use these highly effective strategies for...

Interview Preparations

  By Sheri Pintarelli  |    Sat Jan 04, 2020

Category: Article

Congrats- you have landed an interview! Now what? It is important to dress for success and make a positive first impression that will last. Many times people ask “does your appearance really impact getting the job or not?” And the answer is, “YES”. A first impression on a recruiter conducting an...

5 Books to Read Before the End of 2019

  By Sheri Pintarelli  |    Sun Dec 01, 2019

Category: Book Review

Billing Power: The Recruiter’s Guide to Peak Performance Bill Radin Packed with innovative, money-making techniques, Billing Power also contains: Advanced strategies for higher billings -- How to deal with relocation problems -- How to use delegation to your advantage -- The power of the EIO...

4 Ways to Be Sure Your New Hire Has a Great First Day

  By Sheri Pintarelli  |    Mon Oct 21, 2019

Category: Article

First days can be a little nerve-wracking for everyone involved. You obviously want your new employee to love the job & fit right in, and they most likely want the same things. With a little advanced preparation, you can set your new hire up for a great first...

5 Types of Workers and How to Hire Right On

  By Sheri Pintarelli  |    Mon Jan 07, 2019

Category: Article

Perhaps hiring is much simpler than we give it credit. Here, Inc. com published how there are only four jobs in the world – thinker, builder, improver, producer. Each of these four jobs all holding different responsibilities and traits for each, and prone to be appropriate for the life cycle of...

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