4 Interview Questions You Should Be Asking

by Melanie Korn | Category: Uncategorized

Posted on June 25, 2019 at 08:05:33 PM

Getting to truly know a candidate during an interview can be a daunting process.   Hiring as a whole can set a business back or move it forward just by making the best hires. People are your most valuable asset, and working to find, hire and retain the best people to meet your needs takes true commitment. Interviews are more than a get to know you process, they are a process to better understand work ethic, skills and how specific candidates may or may not fit in a company’s culture.   We’ve outlined four questions you should be asking in an interview to fully gain an understanding of each candidate for hire.   Question: Describe your ideal work environment. This question tells you a candidate’s ideal company culture. If it doesn’t fit your client’s, it’s time to move on to the next person. Some candidates may be looking for a small office environment, while others a corporate setting. Each of these varies significantly, understanding what style of office environment candidates find ideal will develop retention patterns. Question: What style culture or environment in which you would not be happy? Perhaps your candidate knows they don’t have time to burn the midnight oil in a startup, or maybe...

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