3 Reasons It May Just Be Harder Than Ever To Hire

by SRI | Category: Article

Posted on August 20, 2018 at 08:44:42 PM

In today’s world the job market is up and down with a variety of reasons for the what can sometimes be seen as a rollercoaster. It seems there are constantly new businesses starting and the need for qualified, hard working salespeople would be at an all time high, but still candidates are left looking for employment and for businesses hiring can be an owners hardest battle. According to a recent survey, The VP of Sales’ average tenure has steadily declined the last seven years. Once standing at a healthy 26 months, it’s now just 19 months. And although there are multiple reasons for this decline, the major reason is the percentage of reps attaining quota on the average B2B sales team has steadily declined over roughly the same time frame. Once standing at 63%, it’s now down to 50%. In fact, replacing your bottom 20% of salespeople with only average performers would improve overall sales productivity by nearly 50%.  Here’s 3 reasons we’ve seen hiring become harder than ever for businesses of all sizes, which directly is impact this steady decline of average tenures : It seems far too late to train. Many businesses wait until after a new hire is really needed – then...

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5 Hallmarks of Top Salespeople

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Posted on July 19, 2018 at 08:43:11 PM

What makes top salespeople? Are they born this way or can one be created? Regardless, what makes top salespeople the best are their qualities. And not just their qualities, but the reasons behind what taught them those qualities.  Who are they in and out of the office? How do they respond to challenge? What happens when they don’t meet their goals? It’s essential to define what makes top salespeople, then build a framework to search, interview and hire just that.  We’ve outlined a few qualities we know make the top salespeople. They know their disciplines. A well-seasoned sales person upon hiring will know several processes and procedures they like to apply for success. Having a process that produces results is often “half the battle” for any new hire. Listen to their processes and see how they could produce within your company. They have learned how to persevere.  A top sales person never complain about not having the correct materials, staffing, etc. They make what needs to happen, happen regardless of external circumstance. There will always be reasons and excuses for sales goals not being met and life happening around each of us, a great salesperson perseveres through the unknown and unplanned to meet...

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5 Attitudes That Lead to Job Search Failure

by SRI | Category: Article

Posted on May 23, 2018 at 08:41:47 PM

Searching for a job can be an overwhelming task. Some are job searching while trying to keep hold of the demands of their current job adding more to the stress.  But the reality is, you’re not the only one stressing… so is each and every employer trying to find candidates just like YOU. With Sales Recruiters 100+ years of industry experience, we’ve rounded up what we see as the top 5 attitudes that make your job search, interview and hiring process a total flop. Have ideas for how you’ve faced and overcome one of these attitude blinders? Comment below – we’ve love to hear it! 5 Attitudes that Bust A Job Search 1.  The “I’ll Never Find a Job” attitude is obvious in its negative nature, but a negative attitude while job searching is going to lead you nowhere but to throwing a pity party for yourself.  Continually telling yourself you cannot find a job is going to reduce your motivation in searching.  Essentially you determine your own outcome, so think positive and keep encouraging yourself until you find a new job. 2.  The “I don’t care what kind of job it is, I just need a job” attitude comes from those who apply to...

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