How to Decide When to Turn a Job Offer Down

by SRI | Category: Article

Posted on February 14, 2018 at 12:29:41 AM

It’s a long process to apply for positions, interview and receive a job offer. Often times it is not until the third or forth interview that an offer is made for a position. As great and thrilling as an offer can be, sometimes it has to be turned down. It can be quiet uncomfortable having to turn an offer down and in moments feel like you are letting other people down or have wasted their time interviewing, etc. To avoid the awkwardness it’s always best to be as transparent as possible. State what you would need to accept the position and if those needs cannot be met, thank them for their time and continue applying elsewhere. We’ve outlined a few reasons you might just need to turn down an offer: Finances. Employment is for compensations. You work to earn money or goods that are the tools needed to live a sustainable life. It is best to create a budget and know what your bottom line of compensation is to take a job. Flexibility. Is having a flexible schedule a deal breaker for you? If your kids get sick and need to be picked up from school, can your work schedule accommodate that? If not, this job...

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