4 Books to Drop in Your Amazon Cart

  By Celina Fouts, Henry Glickel

Category: Book Review

Reading is a great way to be productive and pass time. As social distancing orders continue to remain across the United States and the world, there's no better time to freshen up your business leadership skills with a few highly recommended books. We've asked President of Sales Recruiters, Inc., Henry...

Sales Recruiters Collaborates with Salem Chamber of Commerce for Ask the Experts

  By Henry Glickel

Category: Article

On June 5, 2020, Henry Glickel, President of Sales Recruiters, Inc. joined together with area business leaders to answer questions from community businesses both small and large during COVID-19. In just a few short months, the pandemic has caused many businesses to reduce their number of employees and restructure how...

5 Books We've Read Recently

  By Sheri Pintarelli

Category: Book Review

Do As I Say, Not As I Did!: Gaining Wisdom In Business Through The Mistakes Of Highly Successful People Carol Frank This modern take on "Aesop for the Entrepreneur" shares candid and poignant stories of overcoming adversity from thirty of today's business leaders in a highly personal,...

Virtual Interview Questions You Should Be Asking to Every Candidate

  By Kim ODonnell

Category: Article

Making a hire with a virtual interview via Zoom? Now more than ever it's becoming challenging for businesses to interview and hire the right candidate. Add on remote training and working for many amid COVID-19 and businesses feel even more nervous when talking about hiring. We've outlined 12 questions...

3 Books to Dive Into the Last Weeks of Summer

  By Celina Fouts

Category: Book Review

As summer begins to come to a close, we're working to sneak in reading just a few more books for both business development and personal development. Here are just three titles we've added to our Amazon cart this week. Maverick! Ricardo Semler Semler turned his family's...

How to Explain Frequent Job Movement On Your Resume

  By Jeffrey Traill

Category: Article

There are seasons of life that bring forth frequent job changes. It is an adventure and fun at times along the journey, but the consequences can be enormous when trying to find employment and your resume displays 10+ jobs before age 30. However, changing jobs between...

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