7 Books to Dive Into This Spring

  By Jeffrey Traill

Category: Book Review

Ready... set... read! Whether heading out on vacation or looking for a new book for your team to dive into this quarter, we've rounded up a few of our best-recommended books with a few on selling! The Confidence Plan Essential Steps to a New You Sarah Litvinoff

3 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Sales Hires

  By Henry Glickel

Category: Article

Interviews... it's become a common part of the lives of many looking to reenter the workforce following COVID-19 layoff. We've heard interviewing compared to a tennis match. The ball gets hit back and forth, rather effortlessly. You can hear the swoosh and the bounce of the ball. An...

Sales Techniques Your Team Needs

  By Jeffrey Traill

Category: Article

Building a high-performing sales team is a great way to ensure consistent leads come into your business and are converted to paying customers. The thing about sales techniques is that different team members will have different specialties and customers will respond better to some than others. Make these...

5 Books to Read this Spring

  By Celina Fouts

Category: Book Review

Way of the Wolf: Straight Line Selling: Master the Art of Persuasion, Influence, and Success Jordan Belfort Written in his own inimitable voice, Way of the Wolf cracks the code on how to...

5 Questions to Ask When Hiring Your Next Sales Team Member

  By Sheri Pintarelli

Category: Article

Hiring sales talent can be tricky, when working to make sure they’re a right fit for your company but also that they’re going to deliver the results you desire. Your sales team should be able to think on their feet, build long-lasting relationships, and most importantly sell -...

Henry Glickel Named to First Interview Board

  By Henry Glickel, SRI

Category: Article

For the 2021 and 2022 years, Henry Glickel has been named to the First Interview Advisory Board for the second time. First Interview is the largest network of sales and marketing recruiters in the world with member split business in excess $10,000,000 per year....

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