5 Books to Download on Audible or Read Toady

  By Dona Quirke  |    Sun May 17, 2020

Category: Book Review

The Borderless World Kenichi Ohmae In this revised, updated edition, which features a new introduction by the author, Ohmae attributes the American economy of the 1990s to its seamless entry into the borderless world and looks forward toward an uncharted future. He casts a critical, though ultimately...

Dominate Your Next Pitch

  By Dona Quirke  |    Thu May 14, 2020

Category: Article

Whether a teacher, business owner, mother or doctor, in the end, we’re all selling something. Daily, no matter the industry you work in, you pitch ideas to audiences big and small. Pitching what’s loved and picked up by others for themselves is a life skill that takes time to master. So...

4 Books to Sharpen Your Leadership Skills This Week

  By Stu Goldblatt  |    Sat May 09, 2020

Category: Book Review

Liberation Management Tom Peters In the new economy, hierarchical business structures are being consigned to the shredder and replaced with flexible, fast-responding, ad hoc groups of brainworkers. Tom Peters, author of the bestselling IN SEARCH OF EXCELLENCE is once again ahead of the curve, and now...

Cyber Insurance for Small Businesses

  By Henry Glickel  |    Thu May 07, 2020

Category: Article

Introduction: You are at the potential risk of a data breach if your company has valuable assets such as customers’ database, intellectual property, or corporate data. Regardless of whether you're a Fortune 500 firm or a small retail outlet —cybercriminals are always hunting for their next target....

Sales Resilience with Chris Morrison & Henry Glickel - An Exclusive Interview

  By Henry Glickel  |    Thu May 07, 2020

Category: Article

At Sales Recruiter's, we're always trying to bring up to date, informative market knowledge that will keep you pushing through. Especially in these uncharted, and strange economic times. As a first (of likely many)--Henry, who you all know, interviewed a very high performing sales trainer who's pragmatic philosophy and resilience-focused...

5 Book to Check Out This Week

  By Jeffrey Traill  |    Thu Apr 30, 2020

Category: Book Review

It’s Easier To Succeed Then To Fail S. Truett Cathy Hardcover book by S. Truett Cathy, the Founder and Chairman of Chick-fil-A Restaurants. This is a great read and fascinating story that anyone interested in business and entrepreneurship will enjoy. The Sales Survival Handbook: Cold...

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