5 Questions to Ask When Hiring Your Next Sales Team Member

  By Sheri Pintarelli  |    Thu Jan 28, 2021

Category: Article

Hiring sales talent can be tricky, when working to make sure they’re a right fit for your company but also that they’re going to deliver the results you desire. Your sales team should be able to think on their feet, build long-lasting relationships, and most importantly sell -...

Henry Glickel Named to First Interview Board

  By SRI  |    Wed Jan 27, 2021

Category: Article

For the 2021 and 2022 years, Henry Glickel has been named to the First Interview Advisory Board for the second time. First Interview is the largest network of sales and marketing recruiters in the world with member split business in excess $10,000,000 per year....

5 Books to Add to Your Reading List This Winter

  By Henry Glickel  |    Mon Jan 11, 2021

Category: Book Review

Whether snowed in or just trying to get ahead on your business goals for 2021, here are five books we think you should have on your reading list this winter. Way...

5 book to Spend Time Nose Deep In

  By Jeffrey Traill  |    Mon Jan 11, 2021

Category: Book Review

Looking to help your business grow? Spend some time nose deep with these five books: The Confidence Plan Essential Steps to a New You Sarah Litvinoff Confidence is a much sought after, but often elusive, quality. Most of us are confident in some aspects of...

Recruiting For The Christmas Purple Squirrel Candidate

  By Henry Glickel  |    Mon Dec 21, 2020

Category: Article

As we look ahead to the night before Christmas, we can't let another year pass without sharing this simple delight of a recruiter's take on the night before Christmas for the fourth year in a row! Recruiting For The Christmas Purple Squirrel Candidate ‘Twas two days...

4 Books to Add to Your Gift List this Holiday

  By Stu Goldblatt  |    Wed Nov 11, 2020

Category: Book Review

One thing we know is for sure, readers are leaders. Dive into one of our newly recommended business books. Why We Want You to Be Rich Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki wrote Why We Want You To Be...

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