13 Questions to Maximize Your Onboarding Efforts

  By Henry Glickel  |    Wed Mar 06, 2019

Category: Article

Retention of valued employees starts on the first day. No matter how much or how little experience an employee has the first day of a new position is difficult. Employees are excited to start their new position and become confident after multiple interviews and discussions that they can do the...

Want Your Resume to be Noticed?

  By Henry Glickel  |    Wed Mar 06, 2019

Category: Article

Have you ever applied for a position and wondered why you never heard a word from the company or recruiter? It’s easy to submit a resume and just wait. For most jobs, hundreds of resumes flood in and are stacked in a pile to be scanned over and sorted through....

National Association of Personnel Services Awards the Robert P Style Firm Accreditation to Sales Recruiters Inc. and Barclay Personnel

  By Marilyn Jackson  |    Mon Jan 14, 2019

Category: Article

(Atlanta, GA – 2019) – The National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS), the association with the longest and most comprehensive history of professional credentialing in the staffing industry, announces the renewal of the Robert P Style Firm Accreditation Program to Sales Recruiters/Barclay Personnel for a Sixth year. Ryan Scott, CPC Credentialing...

5 Types of Workers and How to Hire Right On

  By Sheri Pintarelli  |    Mon Jan 07, 2019

Category: Article

Perhaps hiring is much simpler than we give it credit. Here, Inc. com published how there are only four jobs in the world – thinker, builder, improver, producer. Each of these four jobs all holding different responsibilities and traits for each, and prone to be appropriate for the life cycle of...

Three Things Employers Need to Attract Top Sales People

  By Celina Fouts  |    Sun Nov 18, 2018

Category: Article

Hiring top sales people only comes through attracting the best talent by drawing them to your business and employment opportunity. Top sales people are typically drawn to similar benefits and rewards that would advance their career.Once you have applicants for positions, sorting, interviewing and hiring can be managed by recruitment...

Understanding The New Overtime Rules-New Overtime Rules for Salespeople

  By Henry Glickel  |    Sat Oct 06, 2018

Category: Article

We’ve all heard the buzz encircling the new rules when it comes to overtime and salespeople. However, many of us are left with a variety of unanswered questions regarding all the details. This overview will expose the facts of the recent changes in overtime laws. Let’s start...

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