Put Your CERS Training To Work For You And Your Clients

  By Henry Glickel  |    Thu Jan 01, 1970

Category: Article

My clients aren’t surprised when I coach them on how to keep a valued employee. While they are certainly aware that we make money through placements, they more than appreciate the genuine effort I make to help them retain their most valued people. That’s because as a Certified Employee Retention Specialist-...

Tips for the Transplant Candidate

  By Jeffrey Traill  |    Sat Dec 21, 2019

Category: Article

Do you think it's hard trying to find the perfect job? Try being a transplant candidate looking for that job. The job search stresses increase. We can define a transplant candidate as someone trying to relocate to a specific location without sacrificing that next paycheck. In...

Our Commitment to the Community During 2019

  By Marilyn Jackson  |    Thu Dec 19, 2019

Category: Article

Our Commitment To The Community Is Strong Community involvement is an integral part of Sales Recruiters, Inc.’s culture and core values. The SRI mission includes the objective “to be socially responsible through philanthropy, community service and the way we operate our business, leading to mutually strengthened social benefit and economic performance”.

A Headhunter's Take on Twas The Night Before Christmas

  By Henry Glickel  |    Wed Dec 18, 2019

Category: Article

Recruiting For The Christmas Purple Squirrel Candidate ‘Twas two days before Christmas, when all through the recruiting arena, The recruiters had bolted left the office faster than cheetahs; The placement and invoices had all been submitted, On the searches that had been completed; All the candidate...

Cybersecurity Threats for Small Businesses

  By Henry Glickel  |    Tue Dec 17, 2019

Category: Article

As a small business owner, you might not have the capital, foresight, or internal expertise to deal with cybersecurity threats such as hacks of customer data records and personal information or leaks of financial information or intellectual property. While ensuring cybersecurity might sit on the back...

5 Books To Read For the New Year

  By Henry Glickel  |    Tue Dec 17, 2019

Category: Book Review

Finders Keepers: Attracting and Retaining Top Sales Professionals Russell Riendeau How do you attract and retain elite talent in today’s tight labor market? How do you evaluate motivation and ability to sell competitively in your industry? These are just some of the questions Russell Riendeau...

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