4 Books to Add to Your Gift List this Holiday

by Stu Goldblatt

Posted on Wednesday November 11, 2020 at 03:31:20 PM

One thing we know is for sure, readers are leaders. Dive into one of our newly recommended business books. 

Why We Want You to Be Rich
Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki
Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki wrote Why We Want You To Be Rich because they saw how the turbulent economic climate would impact the middle class. They predict the middle class in America will continue to shrink—pushing most middle-class Americans into the ranks of the poor. This book inspires middle-class Americans who believe that the American Dream is alive and well to take control of their lives... and take charge of the one thing they have total control over: themselves.

Love Your Life, Not Theirs: 7 Money Habits for Living the Life You Want
Rachel Cruze
In Love Your Life, Not Theirs, Rachel Cruze shines a spotlight on the most damaging money habit we have: comparing ourselves to others. Then she unpacks seven essential money habits for living the life we really want--a life in line with our values, where we can afford the things we want to buy without being buried under debt, stress, and worry.

The Power of Proactive Recruiting
Henry Glickel 
This book is a step-by-step tutorial taking you through the hiring process. "This book is a map though that jungle of a world out there we call hiring, with some recipes for some great snacks along the way. Not only will you be able to find your way through the maze, but you will be satisfied when you're at your journey's end. Henry takes you through that process step by step and shows you the way with solid examples, making each chapter very clear in terms of what must be done, the order in which it should be done, and even consequences when we don't follow the road map (or the recipe for that snack along the way)

Career Errors: Straight Talk about the Steps and Missteps of Career Development
Frank Burtnett
Career Errors is the next best thing to having a professional career counselor in the room. While written for the individual experiencing the various life and work activities, this book is also of significant value to counselors, educators, and others playing important roles in these transitions.


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