Navigating Tomorrow's Sales Talent: 5 Trends Reshaping Recruitment Strategies

by Henry Glickel | Category: Article

Posted on Wednesday February 7, 2024 at 08:00:01 AM

In the realm of sales, the ground is never steady. Changes in technology, shifting markets, and how people buy constantly reshape the field. As a result, how companies look for and bring in top sales talent is undergoing a big makeover.  Four major trends have emerged that are changing the sales recruitment game.  Let’s dive in and see how each trend is redefining how organizations identify, attract, and retain top sales talent.  Trend 1: AI in Talent Search Artificial Intelligence has become a game-changer in finding the right people for sales roles. It helps sift through huge amounts of data to find folks whose skills and experiences match what's needed. With AI, recruiters can make smarter choices based on past data, making the hiring process more accurate.Trend 2: Soft Skills in Demand While technical skills are important, softer abilities are gaining more attention. In a sales world where relationships matter, things like communication, empathy, and problem-solving...

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Lasting Success

by Henry Glickel | Category: Book Review

Posted on Monday February 5, 2024 at 08:00:00 AM

February, the shortest month of the year, holds the key to transforming January's well-intentioned resolutions into lasting success. As the initial burst of New Year enthusiasm wanes, February serves as a crucial juncture in the pursuit of our goals. It's a time when commitment deepens, and determination solidifies. The resolutions made in January are often filled with ambition and optimism, but it's in February that we must summon the discipline and resilience to push through obstacles, maintain momentum, and lay the foundation for enduring success. It's a month to refine our strategies, adjust our course, and demonstrate that our resolutions are not mere wishes but unwavering commitments to personal growth and achievement.  Check out these 5 books aimed to help prepare you for lasting success.  Whether you have a 4 week goal or a 5 year plan, you are sure to glean a nugget of wisdom from these authors. Atomic Habits James Clear No...

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5 Tips to Use Your Interview as a Platform to Elevate Your Sales Game

by Henry Glickel | Category: Article

Posted on Friday February 2, 2024 at 08:00:53 AM

In showcasing sales prowess it is important to highlight a proven track record and emphasize instances where client needs were thoroughly understood and met.  Clear communication of resilience, creative problem-solving, and a commitment to delivering value to both clients and the organization will vividly illustrate one's sales proficiency and potential contribution to the prospective role.  As a candidate, job interviews aren't just about showcasing your skills; they're an invaluable opportunity to learn, adapt, and refine your sales techniques.  We have gathered five top tips for candidates looking to showcase their sales skills during an interview.  You can use your interview experience as a platform to elevate your sales game! Ask the Right Questions The interview isn't a one-way street. Use it as an avenue to understand the company's sales process, customer base, and market strategies. Inquire about the sales methodologies they employ, their target audience,...

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