Winning the War for Top Sales Talent

by SRI | Category: Article

Posted on March 17, 2018 at 08:35:41 PM

Each semester graduates look to be hired with top jobs and often turn to Executive Sales recruiters to find opportunities. Sometimes it’s with large corporations, and other times with small startup companies who frequently employ from sales staffing agencies. Previously in the early 2000’s many IT and tech start ups moved from the East Coast to Silicon Valley. There some succeeded and others flopped. Regardless of the outcome, it’s no longer the rage for graduates to rush from the East Coast westward. There’s companies all over the United States looking to hire top grads – grads with fresh ideas, top talent, skill and drive. The war for top talent never ends, so how do companies of all sizes win the battle for candidates? We’ve put together a few tips for business owners of all sizes to be victorious. Culture is key 1. Develop a culture for your brand or office. What lifestyle will employees be put into? In five years from now, what do you want your employees to be like? Invest in that dream. Find and only hire those who fit that cultural. There’s far more to success than just working hard- it’s about who, together, is working hard. Goals are...

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3 Key Tips for Getting Hired Over the Age of Forty

by SRI | Category: Article

Posted on March 6, 2018 at 12:49:11 AM

Looking for a job is hard right out of college, young and fresh, but looking for a job over the age of 40 can be an even harder challenge in many situations. It can certainly be done, and great men and women over the age of 40 are continually hired! Embrace your maturity First, you have matured and are seasoned in life whether having been in or out of the workforce– unless you have been a stay at home mom or unemployed your entire adult life, you have mastered getting up, arriving at work on time and completing responsibilities in the workplace. That is a valuable asset as a potential employee so let it shine through. You know how to take care of responsibilities and have for years worked hard and been successful in your career. It’s time to showcase that when looking for a new job and over the age of 40! But watch yourself- it’s easy to boast about your previous years of experience and expertise. Too much of that attitude can be a turnoff to an employer as well. Step up your appearance Second, take some time to consider updating your wardrobe. No matter if you have been out of the workforce...

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How to Decide When to Turn a Job Offer Down

by SRI | Category: Article

Posted on February 14, 2018 at 12:29:41 AM

It’s a long process to apply for positions, interview and receive a job offer. Often times it is not until the third or forth interview that an offer is made for a position. As great and thrilling as an offer can be, sometimes it has to be turned down. It can be quiet uncomfortable having to turn an offer down and in moments feel like you are letting other people down or have wasted their time interviewing, etc. To avoid the awkwardness it’s always best to be as transparent as possible. State what you would need to accept the position and if those needs cannot be met, thank them for their time and continue applying elsewhere. We’ve outlined a few reasons you might just need to turn down an offer: Finances. Employment is for compensations. You work to earn money or goods that are the tools needed to live a sustainable life. It is best to create a budget and know what your bottom line of compensation is to take a job. Flexibility. Is having a flexible schedule a deal breaker for you? If your kids get sick and need to be picked up from school, can your work schedule accommodate that? If not, this job...

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