5 Books To Order ASAP

  By Henry Glickel  |    Sun Nov 17, 2019

Category: Book Review

Winning Decisions: Getting it Right the First Time Edward Russo and Paul Schoemaker With Winning Decisions, managers and other professionals now have access to a proven set of skills and strategies they need for making the right decision, right away. Trump: The Art...

10 Books to Put On Your Reading List

  By Henry Glickel  |    Sun Oct 20, 2019

Category: Book Review

The Wealth of Nations The Wealth of Nations was published 9 March 1776, during the Scottish Enlightenment and the Scottish Agricultural Revolution. It influenced a number of authors and economists, as well as governments and organizations. Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win

7 Books We Recommend to Kickstart Your Week

  By Henry Glickel  |    Sun Oct 13, 2019

Category: Book Review

The Partnership Charter: How To Start Out Right With Your New Business Partnership (or Fix The One You're In) In The Partnership Charter, psychologist and business mediation expert David Gage offers a comprehensive guide to the art of establishing and maintaining a business partnership. The...

7 Books that Will Help Your Business Grow

  By Henry Glickel  |    Thu Oct 03, 2019

Category: Book Review

Looking to help your business grow? Spend some time nose deep with these seven books: Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Being Remarkable

10 Business Books to Kickstart Your Fall

  By Henry Glickel  |    Sun Sep 22, 2019

Category: Book Review

The Essays of Warren Buffett: Lessons for Corporate America The definitive book on Warren Buffett's views on everything from investing to management, this is the classic curated collection of his famous shareholder letters, masterfully arranged according to topic by...

6 Books to Impact Your Sales Hires

  By Henry Glickel  |    Thu Sep 05, 2019

Category: Book Review

The Hard Thing About Hard Things Filled with his trademark humor and straight talk, The Hard Thing About Hard Things is invaluable for veteran entrepreneurs as well as those aspiring to their own new ventures, drawing from Horowitz's personal and often humbling experiences. Built...

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