Three Things Employers Need to Attract Top Sales People

  By Celina Fouts  |    Sun Nov 18, 2018

Category: Article

Hiring top sales people only comes through attracting the best talent by drawing them to your business and employment opportunity. Top sales people are typically drawn to similar benefits and rewards that would advance their career.Once you have applicants for positions, sorting, interviewing and hiring can be managed by recruitment...

Understanding The New Overtime Rules-New Overtime Rules for Salespeople

  By Henry Glickel  |    Sat Oct 06, 2018

Category: Article

We’ve all heard the buzz encircling the new rules when it comes to overtime and salespeople. However, many of us are left with a variety of unanswered questions regarding all the details. This overview will expose the facts of the recent changes in overtime laws. Let’s start...

5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Linkedin Profile to Make Recruiters Love What They See

  By Sheri Pintarelli  |    Mon Sep 17, 2018

Category: Article

With so many social media accounts at our fingertips, LinkedIn often gets put on the backburner. How many of us routinely login to to post updates let alone ensure that our LinkedIn profiles feature our newest skills and accomplishments? It’s easy to get complacent, but LinkedIn should be the first...

3 Reasons It May Just Be Harder Than Ever To Hire

  By Celina Fouts  |    Mon Aug 20, 2018

Category: Article

In today’s world the job market is up and down with a variety of reasons for the what can sometimes be seen as a rollercoaster. It seems there are constantly new businesses starting and the need for qualified, hard working salespeople would be at an all time high, but still...

5 Hallmarks of Top Salespeople

  By Celina Fouts  |    Thu Jul 19, 2018

Category: Article

What makes top salespeople? Are they born this way or can one be created? Regardless, what makes top salespeople the best are their qualities. And not just their qualities, but the reasons behind what taught them those qualities. Who are they in and out of the office? How do they...

5 Attitudes That Lead to Job Search Failure

  By Dona Quirke  |    Wed May 23, 2018

Category: Article

Searching for a job can be an overwhelming task. Some are job searching while trying to keep hold of the demands of their current job adding more to the stress. But the reality is, you’re not the only one stressing… so is each and every employer trying to find candidates...

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