Interview Preparations

by SRI | Category: Article

Posted on November 11, 2017 at 09:04:00 PM

Congrats- you have landed an interview! Now what? It is important to dress for success and make a positive first impression that will last.   Many times people ask “does your appearance really impact getting the job or not?” And the answer is, “YES”. A first impression on a recruiter conducting an interview will mean a lot. It is essential to look your best when introducing yourself for the first time. When deciding what to wear it is always best to choose a conservative outfit. Dressing modest and professional is important. Dressing conservatively shows you are making an effort, you do not want to offend and also conservative dress shows how you are polite and respectful. If you walk into an interview with pants sagging below your waist or a skirt so tight and short you are barely able to take a seat- that leaves an impression, and not a good one. It is also of essence to ensure you dress one or two levels up. A good “rule of thumb” is to dress one or two levels nicer than the position you are interviewing for. Unless told otherwise always wear a suit for the first interview. It is always better to be overdressed, than...

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Workers Sue Over Silicon Valley Anti-poaching Pacts

by Melanie Korn | Category: Article

Posted on March 12, 2014 at 03:47:44 AM

More than 60,000 high-tech workers have a bone to pick with Apple, Google, Intel and several other Silicon Valley giants. In a class-action suit filed with the U.S. District Court of Northern California, workers with these companies claim that the late Steve Jobs and other CEOs conspired to keep their wages down by agreeing not to recruit talent from competing companies. The companies have called a judge’s order allowing the case to move forward ”manifestly erroneous.” The lawsuit, scheduled to go to trial in late May, seeks up to $9 billion in damages. Brought on behalf of about 64,000 programmers, software developers, digital artists and others, the suit centers on recruitment practices in one of the world’s leading technology sectors. Companies that poach employees will rely on recruiters to cold-call top talent working for a competitor. That kind of free-market competition for talent can lead to offers of better pay and benefits for workers. The anti-poaching agreements, which originally were between the Steve Jobs-led Pixar and Lucasfilm, began in 2006 and saw those two companies put into writing an agreement not to recruit workers from each other. The agreements were later purportedly extended to Apple, Adobe, Intel and Intuit. Court documents claim that employees were never told of the arrangements. In the lawsuits, the...

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Stockton College Council of Black Faculty and Staff Annual Dinner Benefits Scholarships

by Melanie Korn | Category: Article

Posted on January 4, 2011 at 12:07:37 PM

The Council of Black Faculty and Staff at The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey hosted its 29th Annual Awards Dinner and Dance recently at the Carriage House in Galloway. Since its inception more than a quarter of a century ago, the Council of Black Faculty and Staff has worked to expand the opportunities available to Stockton’s diverse community.  The Council has awarded more than $220,000 in scholarship money to deserving Stockton students since 1981. This year the Council awarded nine $1,000 scholarships, one of which was named in memory of Annette Thorpe, a former Stockton staff member, and awarded to Phillip Bennett. This year’s honorary chairperson was Stockton’s Provost and Executive Vice President, Dr. Harvey Kesselman. The following award recipients were honored for their contributions, which are making a difference both locally and internationally. • Lifetime-Achievement Recipient–Dr. David Carr• Merit Award Recipient–Ms. Yuberky Pena• Distinguished Stockton Alumna–Dr. Agathe Franck, M.D., ‘02   From left, Earl Nelson, a Stockton alum, Harry Maurice, Assistant Director of Student Development, and Nick White, a Stockton graduate and a former Alumni Association president.   Yubi Pena, this year’s Merit Award Recipient, is pictured with her family. Surrounding Yubi from the left are her daughter Melissa, her daughter Jessica, a staff member...

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