Advice on Tough Interview Questions

  By Dona Quirke  |    Fri Jan 24, 2020

Category: Article

Getting to truly know a candidate during an interview can be a daunting process. Hiring as a whole can set a business back or move it forward just by making the best hires. People are your most valuable asset, and working to find, hire and retain the best people to...

5 Books to Read in February

  By Henry Glickel  |    Tue Jan 21, 2020

Category: Article

The New One Minute Manager Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson Now, Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson have written The New One Minute Manager to introduce the book’s powerful, important lessons to a new generation. In their concise, easy-to-read story, they teach readers three...

 5 Thing to Skip Out On Saying at Work

  By Jeffrey Traill  |    Sun Jan 12, 2020

Category: Article

Learning the unwritten rules is easily one of the biggest challenges when you start a new job. You have to learn the ins and outs of the corporate culture—something that only comes over time through observation, experience, and perhaps even with the assistance of helpful coworkers...

Interview Preparations

  By Sheri Pintarelli  |    Sat Jan 04, 2020

Category: Article

Congrats- you have landed an interview! Now what? It is important to dress for success and make a positive first impression that will last. Many times people ask “does your appearance really impact getting the job or not?” And the answer is, “YES”. A first impression on a recruiter conducting an...

Put Your CERS Training To Work For You And Your Clients

  By Henry Glickel  |    Thu Jan 01, 1970

Category: Article

My clients aren’t surprised when I coach them on how to keep a valued employee. While they are certainly aware that we make money through placements, they more than appreciate the genuine effort I make to help them retain their most valued people. That’s because as a Certified Employee Retention Specialist-...

Tips for the Transplant Candidate

  By Jeffrey Traill  |    Sat Dec 21, 2019

Category: Article

Do you think it's hard trying to find the perfect job? Try being a transplant candidate looking for that job. The job search stresses increase. We can define a transplant candidate as someone trying to relocate to a specific location without sacrificing that next paycheck. In...

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